Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 2 of my blogging commitment.  Seems promising.  So today I went to my appointment with a counselor, and though it wasn't the one I was suppose to see, I think I was SUPPOSE to see him.  He was very laid back and didn't mind my somewhat foul mouth (I toned it down for the session.)  It was refreshing to be able to open up to someone who wasn't bias.  He didn't know me, I wasn't paying him.  I just walked in sat down, answered a few questions and chit chatted about my interests, skills, medication, drinking, divorce and life situations.  I walked to the appointment and then back home again, listening to music and enjoying the sun.  I haven't felt so relaxed in a while.  I wasn't thinking about dudes, or drinking.  No worries about my life and all of the things that need mending.  I just listened to the music and sang the songs I knew all of the words to.  I want to get back to the things that I enjoy, drawing and singing mostly.  I need someone to play the guitar for me that will bear with the fact that I haven't REALLY sang in a long time and that I smoke haha.  I feel like I still have the talent, I just need to get past the anxiety that comes with singing in front of people.  It will probably be good for me.  For those of you who follow me regularly sorry that this is so mild.  This is for you:


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