Thursday, March 7, 2013

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, so I will over compensate by posting twice today.  I started my new job yesterday and even after an emotional morning, it still went well.  My "emotional" mornings seem to be way more frequent these days.  Hence why I knew it was a bad idea to start dating.  My focus has been a little off.  I have decided that no matter what happens from here I won't get consumed again.  Guys haven't done much for me thus far, why assume that will change now?  

Stupid girl.

  In any case, this isn't about boys, this is about how bad ass I am.  Work was great.  The women I work with take smoke breaks and bitch about the useless people in their lives just like I do.  I will probably fit in amazingly.  I never realized that scrubs, though they look fantastic and comfortable, are extremely restricting if you have huge boobs.  My shoes are pretty awful, too.  But I got keys.  It is pretty liberating to have a set of keys that gets you into special rooms.  "Ohhh you want to get into the kitchen?  Sorry, we are closed, but I would be more than willing to unlock the door for you when you are allowed to be in here."  Mild power trip.  It feels really great to be back in a job situation and away from home, that way my daughter is forced to miss me and want me around haha.  

Great things are going to happen soon.  I can feel it.

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