Friday, August 26, 2011

Blogspot Virgin.

All of my years surrounded by teen angst would have been so much better had I known that grown-ups could blog too.  I guess I will start off by telling you a little about myself.

My name is Mystie
I am:
the proud owner of a tiny human being. 
I am a little rough around the edges, but the people who KNOW me, know that I am harmless.
(unless you are a total moron, then you may have something to worry about.) 

I suppose this is where I air my dirty laundry. 
            So here it goes...
                       My husband and I are dirty, jobless mooches.  Well it really isn't THAT extreme.  This past Saturday Jason (my main squeeze) lost his job after leaving an even crappier job in hopes of growth in his career.  Not that the job was a huge loss, but it still came out of left field.  So in a weeks time we have burned through a nearly a full tank of gas, taken a huge hit in the pride department and suffered a 2nd degree curling iron burn on the upper part of our cheek, well that last one was all me.  After putting in several applications, applying for unemployment and accepting a very appreciated loan from my mother and step father there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Monday I have an interview at a gelato kiosk in the mall and Jason has an appointment with some sort of warehouse type thingy in Wylie.  My only fear is that when I go meet with the owner he will realize that the very professional sounding individual he spoke with on the phone is really a freak of nature, anti-mall, gelato making machine (extremely awesome looking but still a freak of nature to say the least.)  I realize that some of you reading this, if there is in fact ANYONE reading this, may not know what I look like so I will give you a little peek:

Well these days I'm not really as intense but you get the jist.

In any case I will be super bummed if I miss out on this minimum wage opportunity just because I am "unique"
You never know, I could be just the right person to boost gelato sales.  Side shows love cold treats too!


  1. Haha, funny. ALtho, I didn't know you were t-rex.

  2. I have a big head and little arms :P

  3. I love your zombie unicorn pooing a rainbow. He does not seem to be enjoying the rainbow bowel movement though. :/ .... lol <3

  4. I have been neglectful but I look at it as...saving up lots of material lmao